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We wanted to let you know how well received your logo was received by all of Staff and Parents. We noticed a huge difference in our sales and team items immediately. The wide variety of product options you showed us have enabled us to find something for everyone!
Looking forward to next season!
—Jeff and Cari
West Garden Grove Little League

Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly your team came up with such creative and unique ideas for our school. It seems like we had just gotten off of the phone with you discussing our likes and dislikes, when we were looking at some new logos to compare. The hardest part was having to pick the best one to use because they were all so good.
—Mark and Grace Wilson

I love the patience and time you took to explain how screenprinting and embroidery works! It was such a difference speaking with someone who spoke with knowledge and put things in a language that we could understand. Everything make so much more sense, and you ended up saving us quite a bit of money too. Thanks!
—Dawn and Mario Hernandez

I am amazed at the range of knowledge that Fathom This posseses. I never thought they could help me with what seemed like an impossible task and "crazy" idea. With your "can do" approach and attitude you created something that hadn't been done before, and really "Wow"ed the crowd!
—Joe Flannigan
Templar Studios

Once Again... You being our "Everything" Team made this past season a great success and our life easier!

We got to do what we do best; running the league, and not having to worry about finding different sources from alot of different places and people. In addition you saved us a fortune in gas and in time.
—Kandie Barriga
Pacific Coast Hoops

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